Biography TrancEye

Popular Polish DJ and trance producer TrancEye was born in 1984. DJ's musical career began in 2002, and the boy's passion for quality dance music began to manifest in 1999. In 2000, TrancEye understands that he likes the direction of trance and begins to engage in just such music. In 2001, the guy got acquainted with the music software and began writing tracks. Given the lack of professional musical skills, the first steps of the musician were quite complicated, but he managed to find his own style and learn everything necessary.

The first professional track of the musician was released on one of the Dutch labels in 2008. Now the musician is the manager of the label Diverted Music. Polish musician TrancEye has its own radio show, which is called Pure Energy Sessions. It goes on the air every second and fourth Saturday of the month on radio Dl.FM. The program gives connoisseurs of trance real adrenaline and lasts for almost an hour. Now DJ TrancEye is very popular, and he also promotes young talents who also like good dance music.