The Chemical Brothers

Biography The Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers or The Chemical Brothers - this is a popular duet of English artists who work in the direction of electronic music, bshg-beat, house, tryp-hop, techno. Duet began operations in 1993 and already has its own label. For all the time of the collective's existence, the guys have released 10 albums, the first among which was Exit Planet Dust, released in 1995. The musicians have released several good compilations and many singles, among which are such compositions as Leave Home, Life is Sweet, Loops of Fury EP and other hits.

Many hits of the performers were recorded precisely after 1995, and after 2010 their number slightly decreased. The musicians had some problems with the name of the group, but this was quickly resolved in a positive way. Even now, the hits of these artists can be heard on the radio, the band has not changed. The musicians continue to work actively, delighting their fans with good compositions that are quite interesting and in demand. Tracks of performers can be easily found on the Internet and heard on the radio, because they have released quite a lot of really good singles.