Steve Aoki

Biography Steve Aoki

American composer, producer and musician Steve Aoki was born in 1977. He creates music in the genres of electro-house and dubstep. The artist has 4 own labels, became the best DJ of 2007 according to the famous magazine Paper Magazine. He became the best musician of 2007 and according to the Ibiza Awards, BPM Magazine. In 2008, his album was recognized as the best version of Billboard, which is a very prestigious award. The musician creates really good dance tracks, plays at the most popular parties and attends various festivals.

As a producer, Steve Aoki has established himself very well, helping many young musicians develop and grow in terms of a career. The tracks of the musician are well-known among many fans of the electro-house genre. Since childhood, the musician became interested in dance music and began to develop his talent, becoming a successful DJ and engaged in producing. Now the musician does not receive such high awards as before, but his songs remain on the ears of fans and find new fans all over the world.