Biography Somna

Modern Canadian DJ Somna is a musician who creates tracks in the trance and electro genre. The musician has successfully released 59 tracks, and in 10 years of fruitful musical work has gained a huge number of fans. His track, titled Brave, which was released in 2017, was nominated for an IDMA award. In 2018, the popular single came out, which was called Love Hold On and was already loved by connoisseurs of modern dance music. The track was released on Armada Captivating, modern youth is very eagerly dancing to it.

The musician continues to release new tracks for his fans and is now at the peak of his popularity. DJ Somna is already well known in many modern clubs, because his tracks really disrupt the dance floor. Hits of the artist can be found on the Internet or on disks, absolutely all of his compositions are perfect for lovers of active electronic music. The musician has released a joint compilation with Andy Moore. Career musician is at the peak of development, he continues to work on creating new, hit tunes.