Robert Vadney

Biography Robert Vadney

Producer, musician and DJ of Greek origin, Robert Vadney has already recorded many good dance tracks that are popular with young people. DJ managed to create his own, unique style of dance music and release a lot of tracks. DJ gets the support of the world's most famous musicians, who also work in the dance genre, he made a successful remix of the song Paul, called Not Over. DJ tracks sounded on Armin Van Buren's radio show. Breakthrough album became a musician, called Perfecto. The most successful was the album of the musician, entitled Dance 4 Death, in which the popular track Euthanasia was recorded.

Really popular with fans of dance music, Robert Vadney began in 2011, after which he began touring around the world and released many successful labels. DJ launched his radio show, called reClublic. The artist, in his music tracks, tries to combine music of different styles and trends, which together creates very successful and simply explosive singles. Now DJ is more actively working to develop his career and strive to become popular all over the world. The artist often performs in America and has already become famous in other countries of the world.