Pete Tong

Biography Pete Tong

A successful British DJ who works on Air Force radio is known to all electronic music lovers. He leads Essential Mix, Essential Selection and owns his own label FFRR Records. DJ performs in nightclubs around the world and is engaged in active production activities. He was born a famous DJ in 1960, the first time he played in public at the age of 15. The guy constantly organized discos, then he created his own club and in 1979 he became the author of articles for the music magazine Blues & Soul Magazine, the main editor of which became later.

The musician appeared on the radio after the 70s, joining the author's programs of night DJs. In 2014, the musician received the award of the Knight of the Order of the British Empire, he worked on many radio stations and achieved tremendous success. Now the musician is engaged in producing and hosts various music shows on national radio, and is also an active participant in various parties in the country and the world. The musician managed to make a brilliant career and remain popular for several decades.