Nicky Romero

Biography Nicky Romero

Dutch DJ and music producer Nicky Romero worked with the most famous world musicians and now occupies the 50th place in the DJ ranking. The Toulouse song made him famous around the world. The young musician was born in 1989, began his musical career in 2008 and continues to work on creating new tracks. The musician works in the genres of progressive house and electro-house. Popular are the tracks of the artist, called Sparks, Like Home, Still The Same Man, Wait For You, Sober.

In 2012, Nicky Romero released Metropolis Promos, I Could Be the One. The musician recorded several joint singles with other performers, starting in 2008, released many good remixes of famous DJ compositions, and managed to become a welcome guest at grand dance parties. The musician continues to work on creating new hits, is a successful DJ and producer, and his hits are popular all over the world. The musician is not going to stop there and is doing everything possible so that his fans can enjoy good dance music.