Mike Saint-Jules

Biography Mike Saint-Jules

American DJ Mike Saint-Jules was born in 1983. Mike's active career, precisely as a musician, began in 2006, and lasts until today. Celebrity is the author of many popular remixes. Although the DJ’s stormy career began only in 2006, back in 2002, he was officially introduced to Electronic Dance Music. The artist’s first solo work, called Sunlit Clouds, was highly appreciated by experts and the public, and the track was officially presented in 2008.

The contemporary musician had the opportunity to work together with Filo & Peri, and in 2010 the track Timeslider was recorded. In 2014, the DJ released a collection of contemporary hits called In Trance We Trust. In the clubs of Long Island, DJ began playing in 2006, then began a successful career in New York and other cities and countries. The author creates modern dance music, mixing with each other tracks of different styles, now is a very popular musician all over the world. Most often, the DJ is working in the direction of Progressive Trance, from which today's young people are delighted.