Martin Solveig

Biography Martin Solveig

French DJ and producer Martin Solveig creates very good electronic music that many people like to dance to. The musician has his own radio show, which is broadcast every week and is called Cest La Vie. DJ has his own label called Mixture Stereophonic. DJ works with musical directions pop, funk, house, funk-rock. The musician was born in 1976, and he created his own label when he turned 21. The first track of the artist was called Heart of Africa, and the most popular single by Martin Solveig was Hello, which was released in 2010. The composition took first place in the charts of the Netherlands, the Netherlands and Austria.

The first studio album of the musician was recorded in 2002 and was called Sur ia Terre, and a year later the album Suite was released. Two years later, another musician's album was released, after which, Martin Solveig successfully recorded 2 more albums. In 2006, the musician released the compilation So far, and since 2003, DJ fans can enjoy his progressive singles. DJ does not become less popular, so his songs and then you can hear on the radio, as well as found on the Internet.