John 00 Fleming

Biography John 00 Fleming

A veteran of the British club scene is still considered John Fleming. This is an artist with an iron will, who still continues to engage in creative work. John 00 Fleming is a first generation DJ who started in 1987. His career began with protrusions at parties. Up to 20 years old, Fleming managed to earn the reputation of an adult DJ, which helped him become the leader of a new musical movement. But the DJ knocked out the disease for 3 years, after which he was able to regain his former popularity.

The most famous DJ tracks can be called Alpha 5, Lost In Emotion, Free. Now, Fleming fans can hear his Global Trance Groover radio show, which is broadcast by the Ministry of Sound radio. The composition of Fleming's Psy Trance Euphoria 2 took the 28th place of the most popular British charts in 2009, and in the artist's touring schedule the most popular world clubs, including Moscow Gaudi. Interesting releases are released on the label of the artist, called Joof recording, and John Fleming is now at the new stage of his popularity, because he is listened to all over the world. John is an innovator of dance music and a resident at Zap Club.