Fedde Le Grand

Biography Fedde Le Grand

Dutch DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand successfully works in the directions of electric and house music. Born in 1977, the musician began serving as a DJ since 1994. He began his performances with popular bars, and then began to play at such parties as Escape, Love Boat, Now & Wow. together with his friends. The musician created the music for the game Plestation in 2001. Since 2004, Fedde Le Grand began to release singles with Erick E, and in 2007 the musician released his own work, called Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, which was at the top of all the charts. The first album of the artist was released in 2007, and two years later another one appeared.

In 2005, the musician released singles I miss you, Get This Feeling. In 2006, a few more singles came out, which became popular. DJ released a lot of remixes, doing this thing since 2004. Fedde Le Grand megamixes appeared in 2007 and remain relevant today. DJ remains a welcome guest at large parties and helps young musicians to find their own style, as well as start a successful singing career.