Dj Feel

Biography Dj Feel

The famous Dj Feel or Philip Belikov is one of the best DJs in Russia. In the international rankings compiled in 2010, he ranks 41st. This is the only DJ who twice became the leader of the Russian rating of musicians in this direction. Now he is number 30 in the world rankings, and his Transmission label has a huge number of fans. Recorded in 2007, the track called “Circles on the Water” received the support of 50 radio stations. DJ played at the biggest festivals of the country, including Flash, Dance Planet, DJ Parade.

Dj Feel has its own radio show, called “Transmission”, which comes out at night, from Saturday to Sunday, from midnight to 5 am. Career Philip Belikov, as a DJ, began in 1998 and until today, the artist works with maximum efficiency. The artist performed with the world's best stars on the same stage, which allows him to be aware of the most popular dance styles and delight his fans with new tracks. DJ presents his new tracks and albums before their official release, so you can always get a portion of fresh dance music.