Biography Deadmau5

English producer and DJ Deadmau5 was born in 1981, he successfully works with Play Digital label, and his singles are willingly played by promising world famous DJs. The musician actively releases digital singles, created his own label Mau5trap Recordings and falls on 15 dance compilations for the year. The pseudonym artist came up with at the moment when he changed the video card on the computer. Deadmau5 has recorded 5 albums, 3 digital distributions, several successful compilations for all his musical career.

The first album of a DJ and musician was released in 2008 and was named Random Album title, and the last collection of hits of the musician saw the world in 2014. Now the artist is actively working to create new, popular tracks, working closely with different stars and trying to promote young talents. His compositions find fans all over the world and are very well suited for lovers of modern music styles. A successful musician and DJ does not plan to stop there, so it is likely that he will give the world a lot more good singles.