Carl Cox

Biography Carl Cox

British DJ and composer Carl Cox was born in the town of Oldham in 1962. According to the version of the most popular magazine about musicians, he took 7th place in 2007. In 1997, he became the number one DJ, because everyone was crazy about his tracks. In 2017, the musician in the TOP-100 best DJs took 62nd place, which is also quite a good result for a musician of that age. DJ works with styles of music house, techno, tech house, has several own labels, and bought his first DJ installation in 15 years. Carl Cox's reputation as a good DJ was entrenched in the 90s and now many more people listen to his tracks.

The musician spins young DJs, has released 4 own albums, many good singles, among which I Want You, Two Paintings And A Drum, Tribal Jedi and others are popular. In addition to the single, DJ released several successful compilations, and also created a lot of good, popular remixes. DJ made a great investment in the history of dance music and now helps young talents to develop, find their original style and delight listeners with good hits.