Benny Benassi

Biography Benny Benassi

Probably, there is no such person in the world who would not hear about the work of the famous musician Benny Benassi. Italian DJ and composer was born in 1967, and in 2002 he recorded together with his brother the mega popular single Satisfaction. The musician works with different musical genres, acts as a performer and composer, has several labels of his own. The aforementioned hit occupied the leading places in the most popular charts, since 2007 the musician began to produce high-quality remixes. Released in 2008, the album Rock n Rave just caused a lot of applause.

In the rankings of the Italian charts, the composition of the author occupy the leading places in the world ranking Benny Benassi ranks 14th. The musician has already released 6 successful albums, a lot of compilations, just an incredible number of singles that are popular all over the world. Tracks Benny Benassi find support among young people and the older generation of listeners, they often sound on the most popular radio stations and on TV. The popularity of the musician does not fade away, because the music he creates is something incredible.