Andy Duguid

Biography Andy Duguid

Modern DJ Andy Duguid was born in 1982. He plays electronic, dance music and lives in Scotland. Career musician began about 10 years ago, because only in 2006, Andy Duguid decided to make music his main hobby. The first track of the artist, called Hypocrisy, was liked not only by ordinary listeners, but also by world famous DJ Tiesto. The release of the track took place in 2007 on BlackHole Recording Radio. In the dance chart of the Netherlands, the popular track of the author took the 5th place. Also, in 2007, the debut of two new tracks of the author.

Andy Duguid writes good own tracks and creates high-quality remixes. The artist launched the podcast Mix sessions, whose guests should be the most popular celebrities. Now DJ is actively working on his debut album, and is also preparing to present to the world several projects in which he works with famous vocalists. The artist makes high-quality and progressive dance music, plays in famous clubs, has his own fans in many countries around the world. Andy Duguid's career growth is very rapid now and soon, the artist’s fans are expecting new products for him.