» Armin van Buuren | Biography
Armin van Buuren | Biography

On December 25, 76, Armin Van Buuren was born in the small town of Leiden in Holland. In his youth, Armin listens to Liebrand, as well as the very popular at that time Jean-Michel Jarre.

Armin loves watching TV, spending days and nights in front of him playing on the Nintendo 64. Young Armin does not miss the opportunity to play football, and at an older age Armin loves to drive a car. One could say that Armin is an ordinary guy ... However, this would be true, excluding his phenomenal musical creativity.

He released his first release at only eighteen years old, and at the age of twenty for the first time he hit the British top music artists with the track Blue Fear. Continuing the conversation about his achievements in his youth, it must be said that at twenty-two Armin created his own label. At twenty-three, he again finds himself in the UK's top music performers with the Communication track. At the moment, a collection of their discs is leaving the circulation, and being today a producer and a DJ at the same time, Armin Van Buuren is conquering the whole world.

His musical career began at school, in the early 90's. In those days, Armin was influenced by Dutch Master music. He bought two turntables at that time, learned how to create mixes, and later began to create his own unique style. At sixteen, Armin bought a mono sampler. Young talent did unimaginable things with him. The first track was immediately included in the collection. With the money that Armin received from the transaction, he bought better equipment. As a result, the purchase of more modern equipment had an impact on the quality of music: the first vinyl was released in the mid-nineties.

Since 1995, Armin has been releasing a large number of tracks on various labels with great success. The first major result was Blue Fear, which came out of circulation using Cyber ??Records. This Euro Trance blueprint even helped him to be on the British chart. On the same label, he released Communication, which made a splash in Ibiza in the summer of the late nineties. The track took 18th place on the English chart in the new millennium. In early 99, Armin founded his own label, Armind. The 1st release, Gig - One, was well received by the public. The 2nd release of ′Touch Me′ under the name of Rising Star was approved by the famous Ministry Of Sound before the disc was in the hands of dance music lovers.

When the new track was signed by RandS Records, you could absolutely say that the young talent was able to put his own label on the card at the right time. Armin released Gaia - 4 Elements and worked with DJ Tiёsto to remove two more projects from circulation. A few more foreign projects were released, which won great success. Blackhole and Alibi also became a successful project, several tracks were released with the signature on the label of the famous DJ Paul van Dyke. Later, another project was created, which became a joint project, coupled with [b] Ferry Corsten [/ b].

It is also worth noting that in 2001 Armin did not stop releasing his own collections of dance music, which was becoming very successful. Millions of copies of his products are being bought up with signatures of various record companies. After remixes of the best tracks, including the Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle, Gouryella - Walhalla. It is worth noting that Armin has become the most requested remixer at the moment.

Almost every day, Armin rejects various requests for remixes of music tracks by various artists almost every day. In the very near future, Armin plans to disengage from musical remixes and start paying more attention to his own products. One of the most popular DJs in the world decided to concentrate all his efforts on the tracks for the compilation Rising Star.

Armin's DJ life takes most of the time. In England, he can always be seen in most popular clubs (Passion, Slinky, Peach). It can be found in all kinds of places around the planet (Tokyo, Moscow, Ibiza, Crete, etc.). Thus, Armin Van Buuren is a talent that for its age has done the almost impossible and continues to surprise us all with its inexhaustible talent. By 2008, one of the most popular DJs in the world, he had won the hearts of all dance music lovers.