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Super8 & Tab: Finnish sound. They create a unique sound. Their work is called a trance classic. Finnish duo Super8 & Tab. Their work is constantly in rotation on the radio show A State of Trance.

In 2005, Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus teamed up in a duet. Their music is a combination of classical trance and assertive progressive. The unique sound quickly resonated in the hearts of EDM fans around the world. The talented composer Super8 is responsible for writing the music, and DJ Tab brings all the tracks together.

The team conducts extensive touring activities. They were spotted at Turnmills at the famous AnjunaNights and CanvasPassion parties. Super8 & Tabs are constantly taking part in the world trance festival Godskitchen.

In 2009, they got 82nd place in the rating of the best trans-DJs of the planet according to the version of DJ Magazine. In 2010, the result was improved by 22 lines - up to 60 places. Another popular rating is Arminfan, in 2013 the team ranked 50th. In 2014, managed to add - 39 position.

Duet in faces

Jane Mansnerus, pseudonym DJ Tab, Finnish musician. He earned world fame with the track “Ar52”. Other popular singles are “Verso / Radiate” and “Unforgiven”. All releases were prepared on the Anjunabeats label.

Miyka Eloranta, known in the trance world as Super8, is a talented DJ and composer. His first major project - “Aalto” - was founded jointly with Paavo Sillamaki. Since 2002, the guys have released five hits: LiquidSweep, Rush, Taurine, Resolution and Five. All works are considered to be classics of trance. As a result, Paul van Dyke invited Mijk and Paavo to open his casino in Berlin.

Since 2005, the duo Super8 & Tab presented 14 singles. And each of them attracted the attention of the global EDM public. In 2010, the debut album Empire was released. In 2014 - the second collection of "Unified".
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