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Electronic music and its styles

Based on the very name of a musical direction, electronic music is music that differs from other directions in the way it is created and reproduced.

This direction was developed in those days when not every recording studio could afford acoustic musical instruments. They were replaced by well-known and widely used electronic musical instruments, such as an electric organ, synthesizer, electric guitar, etc. Such tools were cheaper, so everyone could afford them. And so the well-known electronic music was born.

Note that this type of music took shape as a direction somewhere in the 60s. The origins of the direction were mainly immigrants from Germany, such as Klaus Schulze, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Janis Xenakis. Expanding and developing, electronic music gradually divided into three styles:

* Ambient style. It is characterized by a special sound that resembles background, direct music, without a certain measure, speed and melody.

* Synty-pop (or electro-pop). Unlike ambient music, this music is saturated with a clear beat that you can dance to. Modified vocals may already be present here, and the arrangement is expressed in the exact opposite of musical instruments.

* “Cosmic” voluminous electronic music that ranges from heavy psychedelic themes to a simple, melodic style.
However, electronic music today is a set of sounds that are created without the participation of performers and musicians. These are just special computer programs and technologies that keep costs to a minimum. Thanks to this, today there are so many styles and varieties of electronic music that it is sometimes difficult to attribute a particular track to any one style. So, during evolution, the following genres of this unusual direction stood out:

* Breakbeat, translated into English - a broken bit. The combination of drums with a rapidly changing beat and tempo.
* Disco - a popular style of dance music
* Downtempo, whose feature is a slow and at the same time broken rhythm
* Gridge - a combination of grazh (America) and drum and bass (England).
* House, distinguished by its rhythmic repetitions
* Techno - a style whose name speaks for itself. Technical, machine sounds woven into one rhythm.

In addition to these styles, there are many others with their own characteristics of expression.
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