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It is no secret that masterfully mastering an instrument is possible with a musical background and talent. But you can learn to play independently, without teachers and trips to a music school. Only a strong desire and patience is needed. First we need the tool itself. Many people buy cheap synthesizers for training, but it is best to buy a high-quality instrument with good sound.

Most of the performers are pianists and have a musical education. But you can learn to extract harmonious melodies without owning musical notation. Many musicians are self-taught, just talented people. And they were able to outshine their fellow professionals. Look at the synthesizer, everything in it is almost the same as in the piano. The notes are also located in octaves. It is better to remember their location and learn some chords. So it will be easier to master the tool.

Take a chord. Hold any 3 keys of white color, through one. Learn the chords. They can be found in the program for training your synthesizer. The necessary keys and the name of the chords will be displayed on the screen, you just need to remember them. Try to improvise. Clamp the chords with your left hand, and try to play the melody with your right. Constantly complicate your moves. Experiment. Try picking your favorite songs by ear.

You will need time, but this is nothing compared to a beautiful keyboard game. Do not give up classes, you need to play as much as possible. Try to enjoy the process itself, even if it still doesn′t work out very well. Sooner or later, everything will work out.
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