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Armin's conversation with students of the Academy of Electronic Music

"I never aspired to become the No. 1 DJ in DJ Mag. When I started, this top wasn't even there." "It will sound funny, but most of all I am inspired by you - young producers!

Every week we get more than 1000 promos from little-known musicians, but my name is practically unimportant. I always try to close my eyes and not remember who wrote the new track when I listen to it for the first time. You know, many usually pay attention to a name. Oh, this is Armin′s new track! Oh, this is Hardwell′s new track! But it doesn't matter to me who wrote the track if it's good. "

"Many people think that other people do a radio show for me. It's not like that. I put together my own radio show and choose all the tracks myself." “It′s very difficult for me to choose my favorite track. It's like asking my father which of his children he loves the most. But speaking of the most important tracks for my career, the answer is obvious: Blue Fear, Communication, Yet Another Day helped me a lot. Burned with Desire. To be honest, I sometimes listen to my own tracks so much that I′m terribly tired of them. I don′t feel comfortable listening to them. But after a while, having rested, I listen to old works and think: hmm, not bad! "

"Each producer knows the feeling when he bought equipment, bought a bunch of plug-ins, presets, but the melody doesn′t come to mind. Do you know what to do in such cases? No, you should not continue to sit at the monitor. You have to go play Playstation for an hour or two Make a tasty sandwich. Call a girl or mom. And then go back to the studio, delete the draft and start from scratch. And do what you want to do, and not what you think you should create. You should be pleased work if you don't enjoy Roses - get out of the studio! "

Armin: “The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me lately is when I talked to the vocalist about the new track and told her that I would contact her later. And then I wrote to the manager that I′m not very sure about her demo track. Rather, I thought I wrote to the manager. In fact, I sent a letter to her. This is one of those moments when you are sitting with that face. "

“Previously, you could play everything you like: from Chicane and Scott Bond to something on the verge of techno-sounding, and all this was called a trance. Now the concept of trance is becoming narrower. But the dictionaries do not define the uplift, right "Therefore, I try to play just what I like. You understand that my new label # WAO138 focuses not on the speed of the track, but on the clear sound of the trance. However, the music is developing, new ideas are constantly being added.

Think for yourself: the first The Beatles album was recorded in mono, and the last in stereo. Music is constantly growing and progressing, we cannot change this. I love emotional instrumental music, I love clean uplift, but I would also like this style to develop further. Understand the main thing: in music there is no concept of “right” or “wrong”. And despite the fact that this direction is not very popular now, I will continue to support it, because it is close to my heart. "

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