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Lana Del Rey: The Queen of Psychedelics

In many interviews, Lana said that she was interested in music when she was 16: she was inspired by hip-hop. She considered this style a real art: telling her story through music. Lana began to create her own style (pop + indie + hippie music + psychedelic + hip hop), write her own music and make amateur videos.

Everything would have gone well, but popularity did not come to Lana whatever she did. She even released an album, which failed miserably, and exhibited her videos on Youtube, which gained 11 views (at best). Lana began to doubt that she was doing everything right. There were times when she wanted to quit and start doing something else, but she did not stop.

One day, Lana puts out a video with the song Video Games. The clip instantly gains huge popularity on the Internet. Every minute, Lana′s clip appears on a new blog with a comment: “Bravo,” “She's gorgeous,” etc. DJs of British radio stations begin to put the song on its air. Lana fell asleep as an ordinary girl, Lizi (the singer′s real name), and woke up as the queen of the psychedelic genre of our time.

So, in the wake of success, Lana signs a contract with Lady Gaga and other famous singers Interscope Records, after which she is already shooting a professional video for the song Born To Die. Well, in January 2012, the singer′s self-titled record was released, which was expected to be a huge success: first place on the charts of 11 countries, platinum status of the record in 12 countries and a gold status in 3.

As of July 2012, more than 2,000,000 copies of the album have been sold worldwide (now this number is naturally more). It cannot be denied that the album actually turned out to be very good, despite some uniformity of songs. The label was encouraged by the success of the debut album of the singer and therefore gave the green light to the publication of the reissue of the album: Paradise.

Well, all we can do is watch this wonderful singer and wait for new songs and videos from her. In the meantime ... why not include Born To Die on your player and enjoy the real music?
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