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Interview for Sirius XM

- Hello! Welcome to New York! Just a few months ago, you were with us at the Electric Aquarium program. Glad to see you again.

“Nice to be here again. I′m eager to tell you a lot of interesting things about my new music, new show and much more. "

- A lot is going on in your life now. What is the most important at the moment?

“The most important thing is the tour ArminOnly: Intense. I worked on this show for a year, and it really is different from everything we did before. I am here to tell my listeners in more detail about it, since many do not quite understand what it is. This is a DJ set lasting 5-6 hours. I played 7 hours in the Netherlands. DJ set in a free style, but with a lot of elements of live performance. The name ArminOnly implies that I am the only DJ on stage. The show is based on my last Intense album, released in May. Of course, I′m not going to play the whole album from the first to the last track. Some tracks from the album will sound live, some in the form of remixes, and some will be intertwined by other artists. It will be a show of a whole new level. The premiere in the Netherlands was very successful. "

- You recently re-released your Intense album. Tell me more about this.

“I decided to re-release Intense, because it was very successful, and I also had a couple of delayed tracks that I wanted to release to play on my sets. So instead of releasing Intense - The Remixes, I decided to call it More Intense. It includes two new tracks and many exclusive remixes. "

- Congratulations on the Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Track!

"I am very happy! I have said more than once that if you are an American artist and nominated for a Grammy, then this is perhaps the best thing that can happen in your career. But I'm from the Netherlands, and the Grammy nomination for an artist like me has become international news. It's so cool and I'm so glad I just have no words! It's funny that the story of the appearance of the track This Is What It Feels Like is not particularly romantic: we just got together and experimented, inventing a new track, and as a result, This Is What It Feels Like appeared. The track was gathering dust in my studio for quite a while, until I finally found the time to finish it, finding the right riff for the piano. "

- New track Save My Night - how did it appear?

“I was inspired to some degree by the track Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. I had an idea to renew this old feeling, because many fans told me that my music saved their life, that they could not live without it. Some people are very passionate about trance, to music in general, and to everything that relates to it. As you know, I do the weekly radio show A State of Trance, and the response I get on Twitter supports me a lot. I′ve been doing this radio show for a very long time, and this track is dedicated to my fans as an expression of my appreciation for their support. I feel the same as my listeners, I still enjoy what I do. I traveled all over the world, twice became a father, but I still want to continue performing because I love music so much and what music does to people is incredible. "

- You kind of set the standard for EDM radio shows. Newcomers come and open their own radio shows, and you have been doing this safely for many years - two hours, filled with events and new things. And every Sunday for 24 hours on the Electric Area, you represent North America with new DJs in the A State Of Sundays program. On behalf of Sirius XM, we congratulate you on all these achievements!

“I also want to thank Sirius XM for their support. The A State Of Sundays program has become an important event - it has already been a decent time, and many fans ask me about it. I have the opportunity to share new music with people, and this is the main thing why all this is done. Thanks you!"

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