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How to choose an electronic piano

Anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano is faced with the problem of choosing a good and inexpensive instrument. Nowadays, high technology and convenience, bulky, heavy and expensive musical instruments are increasingly fading into the background, paving the way for convenient and functional electronic descendants. They will be discussed now.

So, you have decided to buy yourself a keyboard instrument in order to learn the great art of Beethoven and Bach. First of all, you need to decide in which direction of music you are going to study and play. If you want to play classical works, studies, beautiful and lyrical, melodic and flowing, then your eyes should first of all fall directly on the full-key digital piano. If you want to play energetic electronics or complement your tracks with simple but rich melodies with hundreds of keys, then your choice will undoubtedly fall on the synthesizer. First, let's talk about them.

The synthesizer is so named because it creates sound with the help of special generators and changes its tonality with multiple filters, adjusting the length and frequency of the sound wave. When choosing a synthesizer, it′s worth considering your needs. To perform a huge variety of tasks, synthesizers may have features such as connecting to a computer, changing the octave, dividing the keyboard into different tones, a drum machine, accompaniment, metronome, and much, much more.

Now we will talk about the digital piano. The first and, perhaps, the most noticeable difference from the synthesizer is the presence of a full keyboard with 88 keys, as well as how it is felt due to weighted keys. In many models there is a music stand, pedal, built-in metronome and even wide accompaniment features and a huge number of tones.

All this together allows the instrument to publish a rich palette of sounds, inaccessible to the usual synthesizer, and allows you to perform the most complex classical works of famous composers. There may also be additions such as a connector for connecting to a personal computer, a headphone jack, training programs, as well as internal or external drives that allow you to record your tunes. All these are the criteria that should be considered when choosing your first keyboard musical instrument.
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