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House - the history of the dance direction, key performers

House - electronic dance music that arose due to the efforts of DJs in the early 80s in the city of Chicago. This style was full of elements of old soul music and diluted with dance disco. The very direction of the house is created by "merging" percussion bass from a dance disco and heavy beats from electronic music. This is the basis of sound, this popular direction.

If we talk more about creating a style, then as mentioned earlier - it appeared around 1980 in Chicago. House now seems like a normal direction, but then it seemed like a whole new electronic music. In general, if you precisely name the year of birth of this style, then history stubbornly points to 1984.

The first track that was created in this style was called "On and on track" and was recorded by DJ Jesse Saunders on an old Roland drum machine. Jesse Saunders simply took as a basis the old, dance disco with the European synth pop and added to the music its own rhythms, which the drum machine played. According to the "creator", this music was supposed to replace the disco and play the role of a new "dance wave".

And although this music for some time remained underground, it soon quickly attracted the attention of modern trendsetters. And the track created by Jesse Saunders quickly became famous giving a huge impetus to the entire house direction. This song inspired many famous DJs (for example, Frankie Knuckles) to further develop the house and its great popularization in the late 80s.

Disputes about the origin of the name (House) are still being waged by fans of the style - although exact data on this issue is still unknown. But most fans of the direction have a strong opinion that the style got its name from the Chicago dance club Warehouse, where the first DJs playing this new style actually performed.

The structure of the musical direction itself is rather heterogeneous. The classic house, which was played in the 80s, was a rather simple composition, made in the usual size (4 by 4 measures) and not very fast tempo of 120-130 bpm. Nowadays, modern subgenres of house have almost the same structure, but with a lower speed (about 126 bpm).

Now 2-4 quarters usually play "solo album" or clap, and for every 16 beat hat sounds - diluted in the interval with the bass drum. Modern tracks are full of bright and beautiful melodies with catchy motifs that directly go from the classic house of the 80s. Key house music artists are Daft Punk, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Disclosure, Eric Prydz, Martin Solveig, Calvin Harris, Bob Sinclar.
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