» » Armin's interview for Fuse TV during TomorrowWorld
Armin's interview for Fuse TV during TomorrowWorld

[b]What is happening here is no longer a rumor. It is a fact - EDM is a huge success in America, and this festival is proof of that. You were supposed to perform at Electric Zoo, but because of the terrible tragedy (two people died from drugs) the last day of the festival was canceled. What do you think about this? [/ B]

This is a sad story of drug abuse. I am especially upset, because such cases stain the reputation of the entire EDM and give reason to gossip about it. It is sad when several people spoil the holiday for everyone. You need to be smarter. If you see that someone nearby has become ill, then urgently call the doctors and make sure that they have been helped. After all, if someone became ill on the street, then we usually do that. And here is a special atmosphere - we celebrate the love of life, of music, and therefore in such a situation it is especially important to take care of each other.

[b]The audience on TomorrowWorld is very diverse, there are flags of many countries. Is this a feature of festivals in America or is it happening everywhere in the world? [/ B]

I think many people have heard about TomorrowWorld in the USA and TomorrowLand in Europe and know that this is a phenomenon. For some, this is a reason to go on a trip. Besides the fact that they have the opportunity to see many DJs in one place, they also have the opportunity to prove themselves. Here you can be what you want, and if you want to bring a flag and show where you are from, this is wonderful.

[b]The track This is what it feels like has become very popular in the USA. How do you feel about his success? Have you been pleasantly surprised? [/ B]

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this success. Along with success, criticism always comes. Some fans started saying that I wrote a commercial track. I want to emphasize that this is not so. I wrote this track just like the rest of the tracks. When we sat in the studio and finished the track, I did not expect that it would become so popular. Of course, it′s damn nice when you have been writing music for 20 years, then you try something new, and as a result, your track becomes so popular. I am really proud and glad, but I have mixed feelings because I don′t want to lose my old fans. I stay true to my roots and trance sound. But I also want to show the audience that my sound is progressing, my skills are developing, I work with new artists and try new things, and not just do the same thing over and over again. Like many artists, I am a perfectionist. I am very sensitive to criticism. I read all the bad things that they write about me, and I'm very upset. Nevertheless, I am very proud of this track and the new album and I hope that people really like it.

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