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Trance - music of the soul, music of feelings

Trance is music that allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unity with space, having learned a new way of perceiving the world. Trance is the birth of the eighties. Trance is the embodiment of such elements as psychedelic music, techno-disco and industrial. Trans started with goa. Once in the 60s, Goa was a place of pilgrimage for travelers and adventurers.

Goa is one of the most famous resorts in Asia, where exotic resorts and beaches with white sand stretch along the coast with a strip of 100 kilometers. It is believed that with Goa the appearance in music of such a direction as Goa-Trance began. Since that time, Trans has become very popular all over the world as a direction of electronic dance music.

The more Trans culture developed, the more popular the resort of Goa became, which is now attracted not by adventurers, but by Trance connoisseurs from all over the world. The potential of Trance as club music changes from year to year, which is often not to the liking of fans of one sound. Subsequently, Trans itself is a product of this entertainment industry.

Fans of Trance see themselves in unity with the Cosmos and in order to plunge even more into the atmosphere of unity with it, there must necessarily be special attributes, a certain kind of clothing that would express this particular direction of music. The fashion design itself is very original. So, fans of Trance choose outfits in many ways similar to outfits of rave music lovers, then supplement them with hippy attributes and of course a bit of ethnic elements, which every individual Trance lover chooses for himself.

Regarding Russia, the Trans has made significant progress in recent years. Now a huge number of promotional systems and other projects are aimed at promoting this type of music. In order to create your own trance music it is not necessary to adhere to any rules. Any musician, performer is individual and therefore now there are many projects that would be engaged in this direction, and whose music would be different.

In Russia, the most popular Trans groups that are involved in this direction are “PARASENSE”, “PSYFACTOR”, “FUNGUS FUNK” and “FUZZION”. And also not without famous band “TRANSDRIVER”, which made a considerable contribution to the development of Trans music in Russia. Trance music itself is very technological. It develops as fast as the technology itself can develop.

Trans music uses synthesizers, sound processing devices, and a structured rhythm. In order for the Trans fan to be able to feel the mood that the creator of the track wants to convey, only the timbre in the music changes and thus one can judge the emotions in the room.

Many are sure that it is Trans that stands in front of many pop music and club music sounds, the appearance of which often begins after the release of Transtracks. It is believed that Trance helps people release their internal energy, exchange it, sharpen the perception of the world around us, forcing us to look at it from the outside.

Trance has a kind of experience, which allows you to feel the improved traditions and ceremonies of a millennial culture similar to immersion in ecstasy. I would like to believe that in the future Trans will flourish. For some, it′s just one of the types of electronic music that you can listen to and relax, and for some, it′s the possibility of self-knowledge, opening yourself up from a completely different perspective.

For Trance fans, this is a world in which there is no framework, no prohibitions, no restrictions, no established principles, no dogmas. They see around themselves more than most others, maybe that's why this direction is gaining momentum every year and becoming popular, gathering its new connoisseurs around the world.
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