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Top best night clubs in the world

Everyone chooses where and how to relax, representatives of modern golden youth mainly prefer various parties and club parties. Moreover, the club, by all means, must be first-class: with the best music, famous DJs and appropriate design.

Because if a club meets all these requirements, then the contingent there is appropriate. And this means that there you can completely come off on the dance floor, make romantic acquaintances and not be afraid at the same time, drop your social status. Here is the top of the most stylish entertainment venues.

1. In the first place, according to connoisseurs of club life, the club is known as Fabric. It is located in the old London quarter. Only here you have the opportunity to feel the music with your whole body. And maybe it became thanks to the vibrating dance floor and the low-frequency bodysoniс system. Celebrities here can be seen not only on stage, but also among vacationers.

2. The second place is occupied by The Bed club, which is located in New York. The club impresses with its decoration, because the tables here are made in the form of beds, you can also try the finest designer cocktails. But if you decide to relax here, you need to book a table in advance, because there are no problems with those who wish.

3. The famous Ibiza lost its position a little, the place where all lovers of club life still flock to, is placed in third place. The best club on this famous Spanish island is The Space. He stands out among the other brothers of the islanders by the fact that he works around the clock.

4. The most expensive, but, as we see, not the most popular Cocoon Frankfurt club. The place is striking in its scale and unusual design. Visitors get the feeling that they are in a different reality, all this thanks to the white membrane wall that surrounds the dance floor and reflects the sound in a special way. Along the edges of the dance floor are 13 cocoons, where you can relax a bit from deafening music.

5. In Paris, you can not ignore the nightclub Buddha Bar. The club is known for its relaxing environment, where a statue of the Buddha rises imposingly above the vacationers, recalling the eternal.

6. Closes the top famous club Escape, located in free from prejudice Amsterdam. It has an amazing laser system, and on Saturdays you can meet young people from all over Europe.
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