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Some facts from the life of Armin Van Buuren

Thanks to his father, who was a big fan of electronic music, Armin fell in love with music from a young age. In addition to his love of electronic music, he was interested in various modern technologies and computers.

When he turns 14, he buys his first sampler and starts making music with his father′s AKAI synthesizer. On his way to school, on his bicycle, he often listens to Jean-Michel Jarre's music and also Ben Librand's minimixes with headphones. Being a big fan of Ben Librand, Armin sent him his record, which Ben really liked. Librand told Armin a lot about producing and DJing. Armin′s passion for remixing developed, and he began working as a DJ in the small Leiden club Nexus.

After graduating from high school in 1995, Armin begins his studies at the University of Leiden with a degree in Law. At the same time, his equipment moves from the bedroom to a real studio. The first tracks released in this studio were the first hits “Touch Me” and “Communication”. However, as Armin says in his biography, he does not like to “tie” himself to a certain existing musical style: Do not be captives of your own style. He himself describes his style as “euphoria, elation, melodiousness, energy”.

Van Buuren′s ambitions lead him to do everything at the same time: study, produce and DJ. Armin says: the only way is to get satisfaction from the work that you do. His cherished dream is to do what he himself likes best and be able to enjoy it. Armin hosts his own weekly radio show, A State of Trance. In 2007, the 300th anniversary episode of this radio show was released.

On May 1, 2008, Armin celebrated the seven years of his radio show A state of Trance 350, and on April 19, in the small town of Utrech in the Netherlands, another Armin show, Armin Only 2008, was held, which brought together about 16 thousand people. The show was broadcast on Dutch National TV. Also on the show, he presented his new album Imagine.
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