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So who is a DJ?

Who is a DJ? This is a kind of uncle (or maybe even an aunt!) Who plays music and thereby amuses people in the club - you say that and you will be right. We will try to clarify DJ issues in this article! Who knows, maybe this article will enlighten you on how to become a DJ!

Being a DJ is not just playing cool music and twisting the knobs, but first of all understanding what people demand, feel their mood and give them what they want. A person who is able to do all this can safely be called a DJ! In general, go to the ledge of some famous DJ, and you will understand what is at stake.

Now let's talk about typical mistakes of beginning DJs. Ignorance of what this is for. First of all, you need to decide why you need all this. Some people become DJs because it is so fashionable, others think that by DJing they will immediately earn a fortune and a bunch of different reasons. This is a serious misconception, because only those who are really interested and live in music become real DJs, follow the news, listen to gigabytes of musical material and work hard on themselves.

Star disease. A very common "disease" among beginners. Having played several sets, they begin to lift their nose and twist their fingers. This is by no means worth doing, because this is a direct way to lose friends and loved ones. Remain yourself and do not forget about those people who believed in you and helped you.

Improper promotion. By this is meant the wrong approach to self-promotion. That is, the lack of beautifully designed music media with your mixes, poor design on music resources, a scanty amount of contacts with party organizers, PR and Booking managers. In order for you to be talked about, you need to do all this and constantly expand your ties with the right people. Not that style of music. This means that if commercial music is played everywhere, and you are attracted to the underground, then you need to choose what is closer to your soul, so to speak. Look for record companies and labels in your area.

Bad mix. If you mixed 10-20 tracks, this does not mean that you are already a professional! You need to constantly improve yourself, hone your game skills and information. It will also be useful to compare your mixes with mixes of recognized DJs in the same style.

Narrow horizons. Often it hinders promotion in any field. Narrow thinking fetters a person, does not allow comprehensive development. Listen to music of different styles, read books, travel. In general, always strive to learn something and learn something new - and you will be happy! Stop on reached. This occurs after the onset of stellar disease. This disease gradually progresses and finally throws the “patient” to the beginning of the path. As a result, no one needs the “sick”, and what further you yourself understand. Another not unimportant factor is laziness. Yes, yes, that same laziness-mother, who binds us hand and foot, if there is no desire to do anything. Conclusion: you need to be easier, never stop there, constantly learn new technologies and techniques, and, of course, learn to deal with laziness.

Finally, I want to say that every DJ, like a person, is unique in his own way. Its uniqueness is manifested in the original, own and unique presentation of the material. I also want to note that after mastering DJing, it is worthwhile to turn your eyes to the direction of music production - that is, write your own tracks. This will be a bonus to your salary (of course, not always big, but still), plus the opportunity to show yourself in a different perspective. Moreover, what could be better than a set of your own tracks, reduced to a crowd of thousands?
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