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Listen to music online! Vkontakte alternatives to be!

More recently, users of the social network number one in the CIS countries, VKontakte, unexpectedly saw that their favorite music was missing on the site - when trying to access, you can see a message about the withdrawal of content from free access. Entrepreneurial users of "Contact" decided to cheat - they began to rename artists and compositions. For example, Bruno Mars is called "trousers from Mars."

VKontakte audio and video is always deleted if official complaints from copyright holders are submitted to this content. Recently, the number of such appeals has increased significantly. In approximately this vein, the situation is clarified by Georgy Lobushkin, who holds the post of VKontakte spokesman. You can still hear constant statements that this social network works under the current legislation. It is known that the copyright holder is not in all cases an executor. That is, copyrights may belong to a record company, just familiar people, for example.

Of course, no one is going to completely delete music: foreign, Russian, pop, rock ... They get rid of the compositions of specific artists. According to the leadership of the social network, this is not their whim.

In addition, representatives of "Contact" said that a larger number of sound recordings, as before, will be on the site. This applies to musical compositions that are publicly available by the performers themselves.

Deleting audio files in bulk is most likely due to a bill that protects copyright on the Internet. Thus, copyright holders have the opportunity to pre-trial restrict access to pirated content. It is known that this law does not support many influential Internet companies. But this does not change the essence of the matter!

How can I listen to music online if your favorite songs were deleted by the VKontakte social network administration? Recently launched a music site on Google Play. Also worth noting are the services known to a foreign audience of Pandora and Spotify (they do not work in Russia). There is a choice and this is important!

Let's get acquainted with 5 portals where you can find legal compositions, listen online or download to your own computer, smartphone, tablet.


Available application for Android, iOS. You don′t have to pay for listening to music on the site. The catalog files and the Offline function in the application are available by subscription.

On Yandex.Music you can see only legal songs. According to the latest data on the service, there are 8 818 158 records of various kinds. You can find music here by name or genre. The official program allows you to save and play your own tracks, create playlists, use the radio without connecting to the Internet. Free through the Yandex.Music utility, you can listen to the radio, as well as music tracks from the smartphone database, find and recognize audio compositions. To access the directory, offline mode and other functions without any restrictions, you will have to subscribe. The price, if paid through the program, will be 199 rubles in one month.


Listen to music on this social network is absolutely free. Buying songs will be possible for bonus units that are valid only within the site. It is on Odnoklassniki that you listen to popular tracks, download them without problems. However, in this case, a special green button should be present next to the name. Record this music will be able to computer, smartphone, and tablet. You can download the purchased song as many times as you like, for which you have to pay for the content with bonus units of the social network. In addition, radio is available to users of the site. You can download music recordings yourself. Only in this case, you must have the appropriate rights to the content. Otherwise, problems cannot be avoided.

Also, users can see what kind of songs are in the playlist of their own friends. It will not be difficult to find a name using the search system or listen to what is freely available on the site. It is easy to place any melody you like in the list or you can view all that were listened to (using the story).

In Odnoklassniki, music is unlikely to disappear. You don′t have to worry about this site, according to analysts and reputable sources. The press service of the company declares that the social network officially cooperates with various copyright holders, receives consent for the posted compositions that users listen to for free. Download is available only for a certain amount of money. The system of working with music content is very transparent, so there are no complaints at the moment.


Here you don′t have to pay for listening to music. But downloading audio is available only for money, which upsets. The developer of this resource is Bookmate (a service for reading books). To log in to Zvooq.ru
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