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Psycho-physiological effects of trance music on a person!

Trance is more than just a word, it is more than a style of music, it is even more than just a translation - ecstasy or minor, it is a state of life, and even more, it is a beat of the heart!

Trance is the most emotional style in nature, in its essence it is not inferior to the classics, a style based primarily on harmony and melody, what it was not like, in which we didn′t sound and wrote. Trance is a state that most deeply and accurately describes a person′s experiences, his soul, his desires, his strength, his emotions. First of all, trance combines the complete classical foundation in a mixture with the rhythms of space, earth, flight, alienation, satisfying all the needs of an inner person, this is the most developed professional style of all existing in electronic music for sure. The most massive style that combines too many laws of life. In a trance are usually those who are dissatisfied with something or very satisfied. Trance is an ecstatic space far from reality, the depth of which reaches the most incomprehensible corners of the human body, especially its neuropsychic system. The most important thing that in a trance can be called the peak is the maximum thinking that you can imagine.

People who are true connoisseurs and lovers of trance music are usually very strong personalities, most often they struggle with something in life, they have many complexes, many problems, many things that they want to learn more, they are creative, they can make a lot what in life, they have a very oppressive emotional character, and listening to trance as it aggravates their condition, but the main thing that you can′t understand the trance is that they get high from this, it is from this kind of suffering that they get as loud as possible e satisfaction, which can compare little. Transformers too often can get angry and want to change the world, they are very attached to this style, and this usually happens from the first sound they ever hear, they just fall in love, plunge into a trance, and its wilds, from where they never manage to get out, and they don′t need it, it′s their condition. They are the most poisonous "addicts" who are always few, trance is an endless need. These transers very rarely betray their style, their sound, they are the same in life, they rarely take lightly to life, to their soul mate, to the family and to other important aspects of life, They are prone to reflection, especially reveals in them this lasting ability trance music that simply bewitches them with beauty and harmony forever.

Now a little about commerce and world trends. I was asked a lot to tell about the essence of the problem of modern trance. Although everyone says something similar, I′ll also say that since 2007 trance has become corrupt, trance has become less trance. Even tapping upfitting has become more and more monotonous and not profi. All trance or almost all commercialized and became for the masses, like house music. The trance was never commercial in general, it never succumbed to the pressure of the world and movement to develop and mix into it all-free non-trance-style sub-styles, such as electro-progressive, electro-house, tech-house, or even worse, the most recent trends have come to summer houses house. Unfortunately, as always, the majority and not the minority wins. I hear a lot about the fact that trance became a poppin, that the fathers of trance went to the house, that they betrayed the trance, and he became a whore, that the trance became empty, dumb, uninteresting, but the most interesting thing is that such opinions are held by those people who are completely devoted to one sound, and new trends for them are not very good. There are so many opinions about trance music. But the fact that since 07 the trance has died. I can agree. The fact is that the masses always love that simpler, that moves, that seeks new and does not stand still. Trance music on a perception scale, if at the level of psychology, it stands at 3. If it is hardwood substitute - 5, or even hard style, then the scale drops to 6.

Until now, people are sitting and looking, downloading old tracks, mixes and radio shows, and remember how cool it was, what super music was, and so on ... But all this is a thing of the past, even the seemingly progressive trance that we are given in this time, has nothing to do with the real trance that we once loved with all our hearts, hardtrance died at all, for the most modern youth, danskor (handzap) replaced hardtrance or seemed to be part of the basis of the new style, but this does not mean that everything is so bad, or that Armin and Tiesto are to blame. No, it's not about them. Trance will always live in us, as we loved it at the beginning, and this is the first and eternal breakaway point. Usually there are few people who remain faithful to their sound, even contrary to modern sound, they fight and try to promote at least something that is so dear to them, although they don′t really try, because they know that failure awaits them. Such people live with nostalgia and boil in their thoughts or at closed retro trance parties. And just real trance have a very rich imagination and imagination, including trance intuition, which never fails them, and helps them even in everyday affairs.

Euro trance - the most obsolete substratum, which remained a pearl for millions, in the new collection of garbage, substratum, which at first had very beautiful new sensations in the late 90s, later it became boring to many.
Deep trance was never something famous, the quietest substyle that has been preserved among the most avid fans of this music.
Dream trance (dream house) - underlings, which many recall with tears in their eyes, they did not even have a hint of a new dream sound.
Progressive-trance (progressive house) - then these were inseparable substrates, which had one root and were individuals in their own right, almost did not belong to the word trance, and it was the main keyword that played the role of Progressive. Another small but: Before, what is now called an uplift trance was called a prog. House in terms of severity. And what is now called hard trans, there used to be a fast hard trans with elements of acid sound.
Acid trance - a substyle that least existed in its concept. Many still cannot understand why he died and why he is not here, although something sometimes slips, but very rarely, but again in a new sound that is not so perceived.
Melodic trance, aquasonic trance, classic trance, transcore, epic trance, hardhouse, acid house, uplifting and many more sub-styles that practically do not exist at this time, even the uplift and epic are not the same. I am silent about hard ... there is a wild forest through which it is not possible to get through all the forces. Unfortunately, this is so.
Goa trance - a sub-psychedelic style that once stormed, but quickly outlived its own. Always psi (psi, psychedelic trance were together with goatrance), fulon, dark prog and other similar underlings have now gone in a different direction.

But let's not assume that everything is so bad. Trance is still alive, even in this form. Trance has the ability to fight for the truth and sincerely meet all the blows and hardships of life that Transers encounter on their difficult path. Trance is much more than just a style or condition, it is the meaning of life.

Progress and epic trance are usually associated with obscure weather, rain outside the window, comfort in the house, when you look out the window and see that you are at home, and it seems like it′s both good and bad, it is the sounds of trance that can comprehend these sensations.

Trance usually causes pity for the world, tears, thoughts, struggle, many questions, the maximum release of energy, as well as its absorption. More hard litter cause an indescribable drive that you want to embrace the world, and prove to everyone how good you are.

But the uplift trance usually acts alone on the street with headphones, he walks and as if he doesn′t notice anyone around, he thinks he is alone, he thinks he is in a different dimension.

From the point of view of musopsychology, only Trance music is able to restrain a person from bad deeds, from external extraneous interference and has an obsessive feeling to restrain his ardor and anger, and to live it together with a trance, to knock out and pull out all the negativity through this music.

Usually there is such a proverb in transers: When I feel bad, only Trance trance saves me and understands. Of course, there are exceptions for everything, including descriptions of this style and influence on a person, but the basis is this! Just few people usually know these secrets, and also dare to write about their shortcomings or so openly with a trance in plain sight! May trance always live in us!

If we talk about music laws, then trance is one of the main styles, which is built according to the most faithful laws of sound science, has many chords, endless melody, and very beautiful romantic turns. Well and of course, do not forget that basically, if all the same to tell exactly what trance is, then: trance is not just a style, it is not just a state, it is not just ecstasy and drive, it is more than a beat of the heart, it is even more than a pulse in life, it is only a minor, it is a flight, it is meaning of life! and more more !!!

Opinion from the outside: Usually it′s not transoviks (not trance) that consider us a little checked or bored, boring, meticulous, not earthly, truthful - for which they do not like us. The more frivolous opinion of ordinary people who do not belong to anything, they say that they are just addicts, acid gopniks, tears, and don′t understand who. They have the right to think so.

Despite the fact that we are all different, and even in styles, and in the manner of sounding, we all live on the same planet, and we all love this or that music, so let's not offend and be offended by each other, Music, any, be then it is terrible for some and not terrible for others, let it be our one common and, if possible, peace-loving property to enjoy what nature and God have given us.

Trance is more than just a word, it is more than a style of music, it is even more than just translation, ecstasy or minor, it is a state of life, and even more, it is a beat of the heart! Thanks for attention!

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