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Why has electronic music become so popular?

Why has electronic music become popular? Why do both listeners and authors prefer “electronic” to living instruments? First you need to understand what electronic music is. Electronic music in our time is mainly computer programs, the most famous of which are: Fl Studio, Cubase, Reazon, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, etc.

The answer to the question of why this music became so popular so quickly seems to me - on the one hand simple, on the other - not very. Simply, because it is much easier to get a personal PC, purchase software, and a course of video lessons, rather than buy a drum kit and a couple of instruments. Not only that, you still need to learn how to play live instruments, but it will take a lot of time. What about the authors / creators of musical works. That is, roughly speaking: the authors choose this approach to creativity because of accessibility and simplicity. But simplicity is again relative, since it is extremely difficult to make your electronic creation sound worthy, and this can take from 5 to 20 years.

But it′s not very simple, why: Listeners ... What does it matter to them how they created what they listen to? Why did they prefer, for example, Dubstep to Bach? This question can be rephrased a little and asked like this: What is so special about dubstep (e), which is not in the classics? Then the answer immediately to the face. Variety, interesting sound, new experiences. This is the peculiarity of electronic works. In them you can make such a sound, such a sound that it is impossible to make live instruments. This attracts (mainly) young people who want something new and unusual from the world.

For better or worse, it′s hard to say now, despite the fact that in any case, to see and hear the saxophonist is much more interesting than to see how a person clicks the mouse. But do not forget that the creation of electronic music in our time is a very difficult task in terms of producing high-quality sound. The result is 1: 1, in favor of creativity.
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