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About subspecies of trance or its mixtures with something

Trance + techno = technotrance (tech-trance) - one of the first combined directions. Closely related to techno. The style has existed for more than 10 years, and compositions of different times can be very different from each other. But the main feature - the lack of pop, allows you to "dilute" the hard techno-set, or vice versa - to comfort the mood on a more pop dance floor. Ideal combination. Of the well-known producers of the direction, I note Oliver Lieb and Sven Vath.

Trance + ambient = easy - trance ambient (ambient trance). As old as techno-trance. This style is designed for relaxing during parties in the chillout zone. Or just for the background. It is essentially no different from ambient, but has a trance subtext and a clear emphasis on the use of exclusively electronic sounds in creating the composition. There are a lot of tracks. Classics of the genre: FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - “Papua New Guinea”.

Trance + hardcore = ... no, not hard trance trancecore! The style was created during the development of hardcore in the early 90's. Eka was music then) In the 95th along with eurodance happy hardcore developed, with well-known performers (DUNE, SCOOTER, etc.) but trancecore, although fundamentally similar, was nevertheless due to the fact that it was not commercialized , not widely used. The style resembles a strongly accelerated version of acid trance with variations. One of the labels that published trancecore is Cenobite.

Trance + house =? Crossbreeding trance and ancestor - how to cross mother with son Here I find it difficult to say anything) "Product", the most intertwined with trance - progressive (progressive house). Already famous, performances by DJ team Sasha & John Digweed played a big role in spreading this style around the world.

Trance + drum′n'bass = trance′n'bass (trance-step) - a very good product, “omelodized” drum′n'bass. A relatively new style that is just beginning to develop. We recommend listening to the famous collection of the same name - Trance′n'bass (mixed by John.

Trance + breakbeat = breaks (???). Unlike breakbeat, which has a rather heavy barrel and is good for diluting techno sets, breaks are well suited for trance parties. A simple construction with a broken rhythm and trance subtext sharply distinguishes breaks from breakbeat′a itself, making these styles unlike each other.

Hard trance + hard house = hard dance, the brainchild of Frantic / Nukleuz labels. Heavy style. Very popular in England. If it does not intersperse with stupid commerce, then it is very incendiary. Practiced in the "hardware" arenas of British raves. Of all the mixes from hard-dance DJs, I liked Rob Tissera's live-mix at Creamfields′2003. Recommended listening - Hard House Anthems 4 [Nukleuz]
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