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Antalya night clubs in Turkey

The night program, which is offered to tourists in Antalya, sometimes surpasses all the fascinating and fun that is in other places with its color and variety. This is clearly noticeable in the midst of the season, when in the summertime at night in Antalya everything boils and boils.

The music does not stop for a second, on the dance floors the dances do not stop until the morning. It lasts all summer, and begins to subside already in early September, when young tourists should already leave for study and some for work.

Marin Princess - the region of Antalya, where there are a large number of bars, restaurants, clubs, where many tourists gather who want to get everything from their holidays and not limit themselves to almost everything. In nightclubs, you can dance to your favorite music, listen to famous and not so performers.

On the street Kaleici for tourists there is everything that they like. There are Turkish taverns, English pubs, and various institutions with national folklore. In night clubs, the program includes musical performances, folk dances, concerts by orchestras, solo artists, ensembles, and, of course, oriental exotic performances. In the bars there is a huge selection of different cocktails and alcohol, and in Turkish taverns - dishes of national cuisine (even at night you can eat well).

Ally's - a club that is very popular in Antalya. Who loves rock music and loves to dance, choose this club. The club is democratic; no strict requirements are imposed on clothing. You can come dressed in loose clothes, but most prefer, comes in suits and evening dresses. Getting there because of long lines is sometimes very difficult, so impatient youth often goes to another club. The queues are constant for one simple reason - the club is very popular.

Inferno - another very popular club, which is located in the open air. Compliance with the dress code in the club is also missing. Many come to the club in casual wear.

Club 29 - a very large club. The club can relax without creating crowding and without interfering with each other at once 2000 visitors. The club has a bar and restaurant, which is open from 11.00 to midnight, as well as a night disco, which runs from 23.00 to 4.00 in the morning. There is no strict dress code, but most men prefer to attend shirts rather than T-shirts and T-shirts.
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