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Best Paris Clubs in France

How to spend time in Paris? There are a million options. The city is famous for art and history, architectural monuments and religious objects, and, of course, is the most advanced fashion center on the planet. But the image of the French capital is formed not only from museum exhibits and collections of fashion houses. Like any center of world tourism, Paris has a rich selection of entertainment venues.

Bars can close at 2 hours after midnight, but a variety of club stages remain busy corners of the capital until late at night. And these are not only upscale exclusive places for visiting which you need to be Scarlett Johanson (although being Scarlett Johanson will never hurt). In Paris, there are clubs for wealthy people and trendy establishments and places of incredible musical madness. Below are our three favorite clubs for different tastes.

Club Silencio

Club Silencio, perhaps the most exclusive club in Paris, and for good reason. Open only to its members, the high-end nightclub in Le Ales is a complete reflection of the eccentric mind of its creator, filmmaker David Lynch. Doors open to the public after midnight and those who are lucky to overcome long lines and stern eyes bouncers (advice: be a famous writer / actor / director / artist), plunge into the depths of the club's ethereal atmosphere, which is similar to an art exhibition of high-class interior design. The arched arches of the ceiling and the partition walls in the spacious hall create five separate rooms that look like tunnels of golden leaves: it feels like you are on another planet. Chat while sipping a cocktail at the bar with the producer who won the Oscar, and then go to the main stage, where the most famous DJs scurry around for jetsetters, trying to please a wealthy audience.

Favela Chic

Those who are not afraid of obstacles from impressive bouncers and fingers squeezed in long bursts should risk getting into Favela Chic - a dance venue, a Brazilian carnival reserve in Paris. Tucked away in the depths of the alley in the direction of the Bastille, the club does not have any external signs, with the exception of a bright cylinder; the club′s interior is unpretentious, and the energetic crowd of international youth becomes violent to Latin rhythms. Alcohol flies off the shelves as night heat rises in hot dances with sweat; The main audience here is hipster and traveler entertainment lovers. This is not a place for a quiet evening, so put on your favorite shoes and head to Favela Chic.

Secular club

He is secular and this is a club. And there you will find the best DJs and live performances. What else do club music lovers need? A cool interior, like a decoration for one of those old sci-fi films where the action takes place in the future: an ultranovy decor that still feels retro. Black walls and black sofas surround the main highlight of the club - the DJ stage and a spacious dance floor. The impressive lighting design of LEDs and neon lamps, rotating and flickering from the rafters, sets the mood for excited music lovers who are ready to jump in and start to dance. With lounge bars, trendy d?cor and an acceptable entry policy, the Secular Club is ideal for those who are looking for a trendy place with great music, devoid of snobbery.
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