» » What style of music do you like more and why?
What style of music do you like more and why?

All people are attracted to good music. Many children without her cannot imagine life. The musical rhythm lends itself to logical explanation, but music is not always. It touches the heart and affects emotions. Also, a pleasant song, when it is “according to its time”, can cheer up.

The conflict of generations

You certainly think your music is acceptable and cool, but your parents may not think so. "Dad yells:" Turn off that horror, I can′t stand it anymore! "", - says one teenager. Maybe you think that your parents just find fault with you and make an elephant out of a fly. "Weren't they young? - One girl is indignant. - Have you really forgotten how their parents clung to their music?" 16-year-old Ira complains: "Parents lagged behind life. It would be nice if they saw that we also understand music."

Indeed, older and younger generations usually have different tastes. But this does not mean that music should always create conflicts in your family. Try to negotiate with your parents. To do this, take into account two points: 1) the nature and content of the songs and 2) how long you listen to music. First of all, think about this ...

What are my favorite songs about?

Music is like food. Don't you keep track of what and how much you eat? After all, even a little spoiled food can do much harm. Unfortunately, in music what is very attractive is often harmful. Someone may say: "For me, the main melody, but what they sing about - I do not care." And reflection: if someone wanted to poison you, where would he put the poison? Or in a glass with vinegar, or in delicious juice?

Instead of paying attention only to the rhythm or melody of a song, first understand its words and title. Why? Because the words of the songs influence your thinking. Most modern hits chant sex, violence and drug addiction. If you think that such words do not affect you, then the poison already affects.

Have an opinion

Peers can encourage you to listen to harmful music in every way. The music industry is also contributing to this. Thanks to radio, the Internet and television, music has become a powerful business that brings multibillion-dollar profits. There is an army of marketing experts who are trying to manipulate your musical preferences.

By letting your peers or the media dictate to you what kind of music to listen to, you will become a slave to other people's tastes. Therefore, try to teach "your flair to distinguish good from bad." How to do it? Here are some suggestions.

What's on the cover? Often, just looking at the cover or advertisement of an album to find out about its contents. If, for example, the disk depicts violent, immoral or mystical scenes, then this music is unlikely for you.

What are the words of the songs? Would you like to listen or repeat over and over the words or thoughts of these songs? Or do they not contradict your values ??and principles? If you listen to songs in another language, you should check, or from a moral point of view, they are acceptable to you.

How do they affect you? Music affects in different ways. But what mood does your music create in you? Ask yourself: “Are bad thoughts rushing through my head after I listen to some song? Or am I starting to use in my speech the slang words heard in the songs? ”

What do others think? Ask your parents how they feel about your musical preferences. Maybe she will embarrass someone. Given the feelings of others, be prepared to make a change. So you show that you are a mature person.

If the choice of music is guided by the above questions, your music will be pleasant for you and will not destroy you spiritually.
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