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How to choose headphones and which headphones are better!

Headphones for the kettle. How to choose good headphones? This question is asked, both lovers just listen to music on the way to work and home, and those who cannot live without music for a minute. First you need to decide which device the headphones will be used with and which ones will be convenient for you.

The headphones that come with the phones and players are generally of very low quality, so when buying them, you should immediately think about buying new, good quality. For use with a phone or player, huge monitor headphones are certainly not needed, and plugs or earbuds are unlikely to be suitable for use at home. With portable devices, the so-called on-ear headphones will work well. If you need more portability, earbuds or earplugs will work for you.

For those who lead an active lifestyle, special, sports models have been created. They are conveniently attached to the ears, do not fall out when running and walking. On-ear headphones are closed and open. Open allows you to listen to everything that happens around. People around you can hear your music, but there shouldn′t be any problems.

In closed headphones, the sound is cleaner, better, they perfectly transmit bass and no one except you will hear your music. True, they are a bit heavier and more massive than open ones. They come with a folding or fixed design. Plug-in (“inserts” and “gags”) can boast only of compactness, ease of transportation and low price. Reinforced headphones are also included in earphones, the quality of which is an order of magnitude higher than “earbuds” and “plugs”. In the kit for such headphones are often nozzles for convenient use. For professional use, or for use at home, closed monitor headphones are great. They look the same as invoices, only more. The sound quality is always better, however, this is reflected in the price.

What parameters should you pay attention to? Firstly, on the Frequency Response (AFC). This is the frequency range that the headphones reproduce. The larger it is, the better the sound quality. The optimal is 1-30000 Hz. Secondly, you should pay attention to the resistance, which shows what kind of load the headphones exert on the amplifier. High resistance are suitable for use with stationary Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment. The portable player simply cannot “pump” the sound in such headphones, it will be quiet, and the battery life will be much shorter. For the player and the phone 30 to 40 ohms will be just right.

The third important parameter of work is sensitivity. This is the efficiency and volume of the headphones. For portable equipment, 100 dB or more is suitable. Also, you should pay attention to the maximum output power. It shows what maximum power can be supplied to the headphones, although it does not determine the sound volume of the headphones. Good headphones withstand power up to 100 mW. Sennheiser, AKG and KOSS are considered the best headphones companies. [url = http: //zonazvuka.ru/brand/sennheiser] Sennheiser [/ url] - a manufacturer of audio equipment, a wide range of which is in high demand and a brand that is known throughout the world. Sennheiser has the most complete equipment and a minimum of negative reviews. A huge drawback is the price - you have to pay for quality. This disadvantage also applies to AKG headphones.
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