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Interview with Armin van Buuren

Recently, we often nostalgic for the 90s and hear that the trance supposedly died, the trance is no longer the same. However, there is an opposite camp, which believes that this style of dance music is developing by leaps and bounds and keeps up to date. Holivars of the Old Believers and neophytes of trance still have no end and edge.

In order to somehow dispel doubts and cool the ardor of the warring parties, we decided to ask for expert opinion directly from the flagship of the world trans-movement. Read about our trance for the five-time holder of the title of best DJ on the planet in our exclusive interview with Armin van Buuren[/b], which we managed to take in Minsk during the A State of tour Trance 600.

Armin, hi. Let's not torment our readers for a long time and immediately turn to the hottest news of recent days - about the release of your new album "Intense". I think you have something to tell. [/ B]

Unfortunately, at the moment I can share with you a small amount of information. I don′t want to reveal all the secrets of the album before its official release. The release date is confirmed on May 3, and from April 5 it will be possible to pre-order it. “Intense” is my fifth and most versatile studio album from all previously released. It spans many genres, from house and trance to classical, rock, pop and even dubstep. This time I decided to use as many live instruments as possible, including the whole orchestra and the band of my brother Eller Bagga Bownz. The preparation of the album took two whole years. Being a real perfectionist at heart, it took me several months to complete some of the tracks. You already know two of them: “Forever Is Ours”, recorded with Emma Hewitt, and “This Is What It Feels Like”, recorded with Canadian singer Trevor Guthrie. The idea of ??the Intense cover, on which I catch the light with my hands, belongs to me (Armin presented the cover just at the time of the show in Minsk - author's note). The famous Dutch photographer Carli Hermes brought it to life. That′s all I can tell you now.

As I understand it, it is useless to torment you further with respect to Intense - you still can′t reveal any secrets. But the first months of this year for you were still productive. [/ B]

Yes, you correctly noticed. In February, my compilation A State of Trance 2013 was released, marking the tenth anniversary of the entire series. At the same time, the Armada Music label was celebrated for the same number of years, the creation of which I have a direct relationship. In the same month, the Dutch film “Lovers in Ibiza” (Verliefd op Ibiza) was released, in one of the episodes of which I played myself. For him, I wrote part of the soundtrack, including the main theme of Waiting For The Night with singer Fiora Cutler. In addition, the official compilation of the A State of Trance 600 tour of five discs brought together by [b]ATB
, Rank 1, W & W, by Andrew Riel (Andrew Rayel) and your humble servant. And, of course, the international tour “A State of Trance 600: The Expedition”, with which the capital of Belarus has become a part, continues with might and main.

It is worth noting that you always treated your brainchild of A State of Trance with special trepidation. Why are you holding on to him like that? [/ B]

First of all, because it is a huge united community of people who are sincerely devoted to music. Do you see what trance does with people? Some live and breathe. I have not seen this in any other musical style. It turns me on only one thought that in all corners of our vast planet there are people who are equally partial to music. I was once again convinced of this using the Google+ Hangouts technology that we use during the current tour. Thousands of people around the world gather at the computer, make banners, color flags, and organize their own home parties. And all this happens due to one phenomenon - trance. This is the real embodiment of the phrase “Let's turn the world into a dance floor!” (Let's turn the world into a dancefloor, the motto of the current ASOT tour is approx. Author).

[b]But what about your famous expression “Don′t be a prisoner of your own style”?

Trance is my homeland, but I also want to travel to other countries. Suppose you live in Russia, but sometimes you get to Ibiza. Also in music. If you constantly push yourself into the framework of one style, your work quickly gets bored and becomes uninteresting. And not only to your listeners, but also to yourself. Therefore, I am looking for inspiration in other musical genres, and their circle is completely unlimited. But at the same time, I remember that trance is my native home, and I am always drawn back. If you recall the story, then musical styles are constantly evolving, mixing with each other. Take, for example, The Beatles extreme albums, Please Please Me and Let It Be. There is a significant difference between them. In trance, the same thing happens. This is far from the same sound. For me, these are my warm-up sets on A State of Trance, and the main performance, and so on. Who′s Afraid of 138? concept. Trance is a very versatile thing. It can be melodic, euphoric, uplifting, as in the tracks “Coming Home” or “These Silent Hearts”. But it happens, on the contrary, soothing and relaxing, as in our new work with Arty Nehalennia. I like to search, travel and draw people into my musical adventures.

Have you ever thought about returning to your past? Indeed, many fans want to see Armin′s sample of the 90s - the beginning of zero, to hear from you the classics of trance. [/ B]

Sometimes I play classic tracks in my sets, but I do not abuse them. I do not want to completely get stuck in the past and play the same material. I recently reissued Communication Part 3 and released Gaia's Humming The Lights, which sounds like an old sound. You will also find some classic sound on my new album. But I am deeply convinced that music should always move forward. If I do the same thing, I will get tired of it. And I want to develop professionally as an artist. Some of my listeners expect something fresh from me, and some prefer to be content with the old sound. This is completely normal. But understand me correctly, I focus primarily on myself and my interests. I opted for continuous development and draw inspiration from other musical genres, while still trying to adhere to a trance. He will always be in my heart, and this is the most important.

[b]So you are happy with what is happening with the trance today?

Absolutely! I generally believe that he is now experiencing his best times. See how diverse this style is: John O'Callaghan, Aly & Fila, Andrew Riel, Orjan Nilsen [Orjan Nilsen), Audien, Eximinds, Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic, John Eskew. All these are original artists with their unique sound. When I approved the A-Line of Trance line-up show in Minsk, I had to make a difficult choice. There are many artists, they are different, but unfortunately you can′t book everyone for one event. And, I almost forgot to say that the quality of production is also up to par today. And this situation impresses me.

But what about the ubiquitous electro house or, God forgive me, dubstep? Do not you think that such experiments on the merger will lead to a trance to a standstill? [/ B]

In no case. On the contrary, it is his rebirth. Trance inevitably develops, and there is nothing wrong with the fact that it incorporates individual elements of other styles. It has always been that way. Listen to the releases of the A State of Trance 2002 or 2003 radio show. There dominates a slow trance with a progressive house influence ...

[b]Yes, but not an electro house.

Well, what's wrong with that? I like this trend. As I said, music must be constantly evolving. If you are not happy with what is happening, there is no problem. Then listen to someone else. But I think it is very important that artists grow professionally. Say, today the first hour of my radio show is devoted to progressive trance, and the second - uplifting sound. If I drove the same thing for two hours every week, who would listen to me then? You don′t watch the same movie all the time. Well, if only you really like him. Also with music. She cannot stand still. Naturally, not everyone shares my point of view. But I don′t blame them, it′s in the order of things. But once again, I am happy with what is happening with trance today, all this diversity. Here, in addition, it all depends on how to perceive such changes, how critical it is to approach this. You can call me anything you like, but I like my current sound, and I am satisfied with my latest releases. For me, this is trance.

In other words, your joint track with [b]W & W “D # Fat” - trans?

Yes it is. And I absolutely do not care that someone does not agree with this. Breakdown here is purely trance. The track "Nehalennia" with Arty also has something in common with the old sound. For the Intense album, I also recorded classic and uplifting material. But there will also include experimental work. The same “Forever Is Ours” recorded with Emma Hewitt, which is riddled with electro-house motifs.

What a bold statement. Feel like a trendsetter? [/ B]

Not. I just make my own radio show that I believe in. And all changes occur on their own. There are people whom they like. There are people who do not understand them. Nothing wrong. This is normal. In the end, the customer is always right. However, this does not mean at all that I should adhere to strictly one sound. I do what I like. If my current work does not suit someone, I do not force him to listen.

[b]I will ask a question to which all artists usually answer in the same way or even find it difficult to answer. But I just can't help but ask you. How do you see the trance of the future? [/ B]

It will always remain one of the main styles of dance music and will develop further, splitting into a larger number of sub-styles. Their boundaries will become more distinct, and each of them will have their own heroes. For example, for a vocal trance, [b]Dash Berlin
may become such, for progressive - W & W, for uplifting - Andrew Riel. I admit honestly, I'm damn interested in following all these transformations, as new styles arise and fresh trends appear.

There is a point of view that history is cyclical. Could it happen that the same old, classic trance will return to normal again? [/ B]

Not. Never. Music is not coming back. Imagine a situation if, in prime time, all of the radio stations suddenly began to twist the works of Mozart. But this is nonsense! Music is evolving. We must come to terms with this fact. A trance classic is a trance classic. Hence the name. Leave you alone, stop torturing the corpse. If you really want to listen to old tracks, then you have tons of CDs at your disposal that you can still buy in the store. But personally, my opinion is that the current time for trance is better than the 99th year.

[b]So, you can forget about the "old" Armin forever?

Well why. I like to put classical tracks on my sets, so you will hear “Serenity”, “Sail” or “Exhale” from me more than once. People miss him. I also plan to gradually reprint my back catalog. This recently happened with Communication Part 3, in the Serenity perspective. But I also want to play new material. For example, Gaia's “Humming The Lights” is by far one of my favorite tracks. And I also want to pay attention to this sound. “J'ai Envie De Toi” was released last year, and next year I′ll record some other track. Who knows, maybe I′ll release an entire album.
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