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House as a musical direction

House is a music direction that now has dozens of different branches from its genre. The birth of House occurred in 1984, when a certain Jess Saunders recorded his track entitled “On and on tracks”. This happened in Chicago and the first House was recorded on a cheap drum machine from Roland. Around the same time, Frankie Knuckles arrived in Chicago from New York, who began playing in one of the clubs something very similar to the modern House.

At that time, House music was a cross between bands like disco, electronics and European electronics. Then there were few House music representatives, but more or less well-known DJs became: JM Silk, Adonis, Clip-E. Two labels were released, one of them was in the style of Deep House, and the second was very much like garage.

One of House′s most entertaining stories was the story of DJ Pierre, who once, after a club, came home and decided to record his next track. But the drum machine broke down and instead of the right sounds we heard scraping, absolutely inanimate sounds. Pieri was not lost and recorded his fifteen-minute House-style track. When his friend DJ Hardy included his track in the club in his set, there was no one left on the dance floor except those who were drugged. It was they who were able to appreciate the message of the potential of this thing, the potential of House.

In Detroit and in London, DJs also began appearing who did what House recorded. DJs with their House tracks often threw bottles and therefore many of them tried to quit the idea with the promotion of a new direction. And then one day in one of the clubs in London were organized parties Danny Rempling, called the Shoom. They then became the next step in the development of the House.

At the same time, large batches of drugs began to be delivered to Manchester, and being in a club under drugs was considered fashionable, but what was often imitated was fashionable. The then clubbers who used ecstasy found something that fit their mood in House music. Shoom, with his House, has become such a famous place that in order to get into it long lines of people are lined up. Now many famous people tried to open their clubs.

Many DJs, in order to learn something new for themselves and for House, went to the island of Ibiza, where they heard how Alfredo brought various music into one track. Of course, they did not find House in Ibiza, but they found something that could complement and develop House as a direction. What they brought with them to London - they called Balearic. After the brought Balearic was changed, the DJs renamed it Acid House.

Ice House parties were extremely popular, but due to the fact that they consumed an incredible amount of drugs, they were often held in abandoned warehouses. Few clubs wanted to take responsibility for hosting House-style events. But acid house music quickly gained momentum. She reached Germany, where the beautiful track “Hardtrance acperience # 1” was recorded.

Much of the house was contributed by DJs from Boston, and much of Europe came to Chicago. In the city of Glasgow (Scotland), Acid House in the Sab Club club has become popular. And in France, several DJs appeared at the same time, who simultaneously acted as House producers. Such as Cassius, Super Discount and Motorbass. In Ibiza, Haustreki and the popularity of this trend have also begun to sound.

At the same time, the so-called American House, which was also non-profit, was also launched. Now there were few who never heard of such a trend in music as House. House is now playing in different directions. It can be trance, progression, handbag, hard house, tech house and many other styles. House history continues in the new century, but no one can predict its further development.
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