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Features of the construction of trance music

Why do people like trance music so much? Trance has unique properties that distinguish this style of music from other musical styles. These include the following factors:


One of the main characteristics of trance lies in the emotional factor of the listener. The main emphasis of most modern trance music is on pits and explosions. Remember that the use of such a track construction began only in the late 90s. Prior to this, the trance beat sounded the same way throughout the track, such as in house music.


Repetition is one of the factors that helps to generate this in the genre - emotions. The key to a quality track is to make those very repetitions sound natural. And of course, it is necessary to take into account the fact that repetitions will not be useful if they play as a “hackneyed record”, which makes the track boring for the listener.

Four quarters

A quarter of strokes, attention, helps maintain the emotional factor that is created by repetition. Almost all trance music is written in the style of four quarters (in which claps (Clap's) and hi-hats (HiHat's) and other sounds can be affixed), which usually line up the entire length of the track. Keep in mind that on a quarter note, the volume does not have to be constant, you can also select a muffled sound. In addition, many musicians and DJs begin a series of environmental sounds and gradually the listener plunges into the melody.

Speed ??in beats per minute

Most trans tracks are written in the speed range from 130 to 150 BPM (beats per minute & beats per minute). In a certain part of the track, the speed may drop below 120 beats per minute, for example, when inserting special environmental sounds, but in general it will not exceed 150 BPM. This is because this is the bottom speed line of music where Hardcore starts!
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