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What is club music and its styles!

Nowadays, there are many styles of music. One of these styles is club music, it is brightly different from others. It includes many different musical directions. In fact, club music is a fairly broad concept.

Quite often in club music there is no text, and if there is, then in a foreign movi. The main thing in this kind of music is rhythm. Often used various transitions, loops of tunes and more. Club music is now distributed not only in clubs, even at home you can listen to quiet tracks without words, do not distract from business. Consider several styles of club music.

In the 90s, a style like Trance appeared. The music of this style is quite melodic, simple. The listener plunges into peace listening to a trance. Its main feature is the short parts of the melody played on the synthesizer, which are then repeated.

A style of club music like Funk arose in the 70s. Unlike trance, which is often created using computer technology and the partial use of musical instruments, Funk played live, used a lot of winds (flute, saxophone). Funk is vigorous and the rhythmic style of club music always cheers up the audience.

Also in the 70s, the Club (Dance) style was born. Its basis is a fast rhythm to which it is convenient to dance. Such music is dominated by loud bass. Usually music of this style is a work of DJs, mixes different tracks (tunes) into one and adds various effects for modernization.
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