» » Brazilian Fazenda Party: A Weekend Bash Under the Stars
Brazilian Fazenda Party: A Weekend Bash Under the Stars

Our Brazilian friends are far from new to partying. To have a party in Brazil means to spend the whole night on the dance floor, and the next morning to relax in your room. But a new type of party mixes day and night together for a long weekend for the whole weekend in open space.

“Vamos para a festa!” Screams Brazilian Maria Beatrice Fidalgo, DJ, who is better known as Bia, when she drives to the side of the road to take us away from the bustle of the city. We go to the fazenda-party (fazenda means "farm" in Portuguese), which has captured the culture of the Brazilian underground. In less than 30 minutes, we arrived at the Fazenda Encontro Das Aguas and immediately realized how good our choice of pastime was this weekend.

We went to heaven. The pastoral landscape of rivers and waterfalls exploded with a pulsating musical rhythm coming from a colorful awning, spread out among the trees. It is only 10:00 pm, Saturday night and thousands of our friends are already here, moving to the beat of the music. The hottest have already thrown off their clothes and occupied the nearest river. The sky above the Brazilian outback is something unrealistic with which only a light show can compete with the music.

“Electronic trance music seriously and permanently returned to Brazil and now at least once a month open-air parties are organized. All you have to do is feel the music and enjoy it to the fullest,” Bia shares with us while we go to awnings. Twelve hours later, after we saw a dozen DJs replacing each other every hour, sunrise and sunset, and added a few guys to our company, there was no doubt - the Brazilian fazenda party is an excellent mixture of city club drive and joy from the trip out of town.

Ready to join us at the next party? Know the following:
- getting to the party costs from 30 to 50 reais + a little money for food and drink with you.
- Take along a couple of your favorite sneakers (PUMA, of course), a swimming suit, a hoodie (it′s cool in the open air) and a sleeping bag or tent.
- last but not least: the venue for the next fazenda party is kept secret and published on Facebooke on the day of the venue. Dates:
July 21: Secret Cycle
July 27th: Free Space
August 18th: Psycontrance Party
September 15th: Shamballa Party

Part with the city and stay on course for the next party - you are guaranteed a lot of fun and music!
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