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DJ Steve Anderson was born in Britain and began his musical career with DMC Studios. He worked with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney and created many good dance remixes. The artist did the first remix for Kylie Minogue back in 1990, and was called the track Step Back In Time. In 1994, productive work was done on the Stress Records label. Steve Anderson wrote music for the songs of Britney Spears, Holy Valley, Susan Boyle and other, no less popular musicians. In 2009, the author of the music collaborated with Irish Westlife musicians and wrote the track “Talk Me Down” for them.

In 2011, an album was released with the artist's tracks, called Prismophonic, which was intended for Columbia Sony Music. In 2012, the musician released the famous English version of the album Love Stop Me Down, and in 2016 the single Lovenight appeared. Now the music producer is working on the musical “The Most Beautiful Man in New York” and continues to create good music for modern stars, raising them up the popularity ladder. The musician managed to work with many stars and creates really real tracks that are popular.
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