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Dutch DJ trance and technical music, world-famous producer Sander Ketelaars was born in Eindhoven in 1979. He started making music quite late. At the age of 17, he first began to select music on the synthesizer, which his parents gave him. At first he was seriously carried away by the directions of gabber and hodkor. But he soon came under the influence of Marco V and discovered the delightful rhythms of trance and groove house. This became for him the main direction of creativity - electronic music.

He began to perform with his tracks under various pseudonyms. Literally within one year, he became the conqueror of all the world's dance floors. He retained the pseudonym van Doorn (van Dorn) to emphasize his Dutch origin. The unique and completely new sound that Sander introduced was a breath of fresh air in the beginning stagnation of trance music.

In 2005, he created a remix of the track “Control Freak”, which became a real trans-anthem and elevated its creator to the peak of popularity. He becomes a resident of the most popular parties. Speaking at the Dutch Dance Valley festival, van Dorn confirmed his title as one of the best DJs in the world. His appearance was so successful that he was entrusted with the right to compile the C-DI-collection of the festival.

His Sander Identity podcast radio show was broadcast every Saturday and every Tuesday via satellite channels. In 2008, Sander received the Best DJ Breakthrough Award. In 2010, he becomes a resident of the famous night club in Spanish Ibiza. He sat at the remote control every Tuesday of the month with world-famous DJs.

He is a member of the voting in the competition “Top 100 DJs from Arminfan” and in 2013 won the 19th position, and in 2014 - the 17th, thereby confirming his honorable and deserved place in the top twenty.
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