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Tibor Tomecko, known worldwide under the creative pseudonym ReOrder, was born in Slovakia in Martin in 1984. From an early age he is fond of music. Over time, he selects the direction that is closest to him - definitely, it turned out to be electronic music in the style of trance.

At the age of 14, Tibor thinks about his own style, and a little later releases his debut single on the label "Bonzai Music". The incredible energy and emotionality of his compositions leads to the fact that Tibor gets the first place in the voting on Czech Dance Radio with his release “White Sands of Ibiza”, which lasted here in TOP 10 for 13 weeks!

He receives world fame, as well as high marks from listeners and famous DJs, including Armin Van Buuren himself, Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, Ferry Corsten and many others. In total, from 2007 to the beginning of 2015 ReOrder released more than 55 singles in collaboration with world-famous labels, including “In-telligance Recordings”, “Perceptive Recordings”, “Monster Tunes”, “Edge EDM Records”, “ Subculture ”, as well as its own“ Silent Shore Records ”.

His amazing compositions “Sky Harbor”, “Alliance Of One”, “Once Upon a Love” and many others get into the playlists of famous DJs and conquer clubs and dance venues in Europe, Asia, America.

Armin Van Buren and listeners so much like some songs that they repeatedly get the title of “Tune Of The Week” on the radio show “A State of Trance”, are included in the compilation of the same name for several years. The track "Folding The Universe" still gets the first place according to the Beatport vote, and is also called the "opening of the year" in the show Aly & Fila.

ReOrder's music is unique. Lovers of trance like it with its airiness and wonderful rhythm, energy and emotions that invariably arise when listening to it. It's very hard to resist on the dance floor when playing ReOrder tracks!
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