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Ram Boon, known in the world of trance music as DJ RAM, was born in the Netherlands. He took his first steps in the world of music in 1995. His debut work is being published in collaboration with Bas Abels as part of the music project Bas & Ram ”, in which he has been working for several years. Now DJ RAM is performing solo.

The beginning of his career can be considered the year 2009, when he conquers the hearts of trance lovers all over the world with his track “RAMsterdam”. This composition was rotated on many radio stations, including hit the legendary Armin Van Buren show “A State of Trance”, became one of the most successful tracks on the Van Buren label of the same name, and also won the title of “Best Track of 2009”.

This success “RAMsterdam” prompted DJ RAM to create a whole series of compositions with similar names, including “RAMplify”, “RAMazing”, “RAMbition”, “RAMnezia” and others.

A special place in his work is the track “RAMelia”, dedicated to his beloved wife, who passed away in October 2013. This composition has been included in the TOP of various charts and hitparades of dance music for a long time, receives high marks from fellow DJs and more than once falls into the Armin Van Buren show.

DJ RAM collaborates with global trance music labels, including Spinnin, Enhanced and the legendary Armada Music. His compositions are highly regarded by popular DJs, including Armin Van Buren, Marcus Schulz, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, W & W, Above & Beyond and many others.

In his tracks, he mixes a variety of styles, achieving a unique sound. Here's a terrific mix of electro, tech, progressive, and even Uplifting Trance. DJ RAM is a welcome participant in many clubs and dance floors, as well as at music festivals such as Ultrasonic, Electronic Family, Summerlake Outdoor and others.

Today, DJ RAM is not only a performer, DJ and producer. He is also the host of his own show on the Afterhours FM radio station. His music has its own unique style, attracts listeners with energy and great sound, and also gives a powerful charge of positive and cheerfulness.
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