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Oceanlab is a project that brings together the famous musical trance band Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa, vocalist with a beautiful voice. Tony McGuinness, member of Above & Beyond, and Justine Suissa brought together an amazing case. They met at a plumbing store when Tony looked in to look at a charming rug. The couple dined together, and then became friends. Tony learned that Justine Suissa is fond of singing, and introduced her to his team. So a new project was born that conquered the whole world.

The first performance of the Oceanlab project took place in the famous Passion nightclub and was a huge success. Even regular members of the show, the JFK team spoke of them as "the best live performance we have ever had."

Their first album “Sirens of the Sea” was released in the summer of 2008. It turned out to be very gentle, melodic and even sensual, but in 2009 another album was released in which you will find incendiary remixes on “Sirens of the Sea”.

In 2001, the single "Clear Blue Water" was released, which conquered radio shows, famous dance venues and clubs, electronic music festivals, and in the UK Singles Chart Oceanlab was in 48th place.

In 2002, the second single “Sky Falls Down” was released with the amazing, soul-touching vocals of Justine. The track was so magnificent that a remix of it was created by Armin Van Buren himself and appeared in the famous radio show “A State of Trance”.

2003 also pleased the new single, entitled “Beautiful Together”. The tracks "Sky Falls Down", "Clear Blue Water" and "Beautiful Together" were rated very highly in the UK, in particular MixMag. Very quickly, Oceanlab music became popular all over the world. In the TOP 100 best DJs according to Arminfan in 2014, the Oceanlab project took an honorable 53rd place.

Today Oceanlab is one of the most famous bands. They compose great electronic music in a trance style, characterized by melody, lyricism, sensuality, but at the same time, energy and beautiful vocals.
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