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Marcus Schulz was born into a poor family in the small German city of Eschwege. When he turned 13, he moved to the United States, where he seriously began to study music, fleeing from sadness and loneliness. Very soon, he begins to constantly participate in dance groups. For the first time he gets to the music console by a lucky chance because of negligent friends, but then he realizes that this is his life path.

Then he starts working at The Works club for seven years. The producer's activities, the creation of compositions and remixes lead him to the popular Hot Mix radio show, where the performance does not go unnoticed by large labels, but he does not yet cooperate. Moving to London, where he creates his studio, leaves an imprint on all further creativity and the unique style of Marcus.

Two years later, a new relocation. In Miami, he plays and meets in a club with Armin Van Buuren, his future friend and even partner. He launches his own radio show “Global DJ Broadcast”, creates stunning remixes, and also, together with Armada Music, releases his own track “Clear Blue”.

The first album “Without You Near” is released in 2005. At the same time, Marcus creates his own label with the help and support of Armada Music. Constant performances in Ibiza and its own radio show contribute to growing popularity. Subsequent albums invariably won the success and sympathy of both listeners and critics.

According to the results of voting from Arminfan in the TOP 100 DJs, Markus Schulz got the 10th place in 2014, although in 2013 he was in the fifth star. He is a regular participant in famous music radio shows, as well as various festivals.

Marcus Schulz is a special musician. His work is unique and recognizable. The style is difficult to characterize. He hates frames and patterns, so his compositions are always a mixture of elements of different styles and experiments. And the beautiful sound makes the tracks of Marcus a desirable music both at home and on the dance floor in the club.
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