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The founder of Bedrock Records, British DJ and music producer John Digweed creates good music in the styles of progressive house, trance, house, progressive trance, techno. The musician was born in 1867, became a DJ and began to create music from the age of 13. He is considered one of the founders of the popular progress house style. In 1998, John Digweed was one of the top ten best DJs in the world, holding this position for 10 years. The best DJ in the world, the musician became in 2001. The musician′s first album was released in 1994 and was called Journeys by DJ Vol 4. The musician released many albums and recorded a sufficient number of popular tracks.

Among the most popular singles of John Digweed can be noted compositions Bedrock, Beautiful Strange, Emerald, Forge, Santiago and many others. The musician created the soundtracks for the films “On the Needle” (1996) and “Reckless Robbery” (2002). Tracks of the artist were recorded on discs, which are actively sold to this day. The musician is considered one of the best and is now working to ensure that young performers give out to the world really good, progressive music that the young generation likes.
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